Austin, TX Cupping therapy

A safe, non-invasive healing method, cupping may be used for a variety of conditions. When stuck energy or “stagnant” blood needs to be drawn up from deep within the body, it is often the technique of choice. Cupping is used to release tension held in the muscles, and promote circulation. It is also beneficial for colds, flu, bronchitis and upper respiratory infections.

How Cupping Works

Cupping works by applying suction through a glass jar, in which a partial vacuum has been created. The size and number of cups placed will depend on the condition being treated. This technique produces a congestion of blood in the area which in turn stimulates the movement of fresh blood to the surface. While cupping therapy is usually painless, it may leave red marks that resemble bruising. These marks typically fade within a couple days. Most people describe a “weight lifted off their shoulders” immediately following a session of cupping.